Finally, a Way to Kick Migraines without Drugs!

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Millions of women have suffered with the debilitating effects of migraines. When menopause kicks in, migraines can intensify, and women who have never had a migraine before, may suddenly start getting them. After rigorous testing and studies, the FDA has approved the first external device to stop migraines. Belgian company Cefaly Technology has created a headband, aptly named Cefaly that you wear once a day for up to 20 minutes to prevent future bang-a-gong marathons. How does it work? Place the Cefaly headband across your brow, and the TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) stimulator (this is attached to the headband) delivers a steady current to the nerve branches that are in charge of migraines. The Cefaly (available in Europe now) should be available in the States later on this year. This may become your favorite (or second favorite) battery operated device that you’ll own!

A new blood test can predict with 90 percent accuracy if you get Alzheimer’s. The study, published in Nature Medicine,  found that there are 10 fats (lipids) that are considered markers, and if present in the blood, do predict the onset of this disease. This is a big breakthrough, not only for early detection, but now doctors have the ability to create treatments to fight and slow down this disease in its early stages.

If you’ve been taking glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for knee joint pain and wondering when it’ll start working, it may not. A new study conducted by the National Institutes of Health and performed at the University of Utah found that after two years, their 527 patients didn’t see any significant changes.

Love steak, then you’ll love this news! A collaborative study led by Megumi Tsubota-Utsugi, PhD, MPH, RD of Japan’s National Institute of Health and Nutrition and the Tohoku and Teikyu universities studied elderly people and their diets to see how prevent a decline in physical, psychological and social functions. They found that if animal protein was added to the diet, it helped the elderly in their seven-year study (median age 67), their physical and mental decline was less than that of people who didn’t add animal protein to your diet. You see, mom was right when she said that fish was brain food and that steak would keep you strong.

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