Menopause Mondays: What is Your Emotional Age?

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The Pooh

At age 2, I tried to act like a 4 year old.

When I was 8, I tried to act 16.

When I was 16, I tried to act as if I was 21.

When I was 21, I tried to act 30.

When I was 30, I tried to look like I was 20.

When I was 40, I tried to act 30 again.

When I was 60, I realized I could act any damn age I wanted to!

Some days I find myself dancing around my house like I used to do when I was a little girl and other days I want to sit in my favorite chair like a great grandma might do.  The other night I went out to dinner with a girlfriend and we giggled like we were teenagers. When I watch the Arizona Wildcats basketball team play, I feel like I am in college again, rooting for my alma mater.

Right now I am about to take a bubble bath. I will probably make bubble animals and feel like I am 4 again. What? You never felt like being 4 again? Come on!

Then, I will wash my face, and if I see a blemish, I will feel like a teenager again.  When I pull out all of my jars of “wrinkle free” face creams, I will feel like I am 102. Perhaps when I put on my face creams tonight, I am going to pretend it is baby lotion so my emotional age is 2!  Yes, the “terrible” 2’s! I want to get into some trouble tonight! I must remember to warn my husband David…now I am in my 20’s again!

Life after 60 is a roller coaster—one minute I’m trolling the web for anti-aging advice and the next I’m craving a Disney costume (I love Pooh Bear!) or a cat suit to spice up my life.

What’s your emotional age?????

After struggling with her own severe menopause symptoms and doing years of research, Ellen resolved to share what she learned from experts and her own trial and error. Her goal was to replace the confusion, embarrassment, and symptoms millions of women go through–before, during, and after menopause–with the medically sound solutions she discovered. Her passion to become a “sister” and confidant to all women fueled Ellen’s first book, Shmirshky: the pursuit of hormone happiness. As a result of the overwhelming response from her burgeoning audiences and followers’ requests for empowering information they could trust, Ellen’s weekly blog, Menopause MondaysTM, was born.

  • Jeanet

    I LOVE this……. Probably because after reading it I finally realised I’m not the only woman on this planet feeling this way. Thank you so much. And, I love that pic of you in Pooh Bear-costume. Keep up the good work Ellen.

    • Ellen Dolgen

      Thanks, Jeanet! Life is supposed to be fun! Every new day is a chance to have more joy in our lives.

  • Barbara

    I also love this. Especially the part about being 60. So true. Laugh lots, relive fun emotions from the past. No need to impress anyone other than yourself. Time to let go and enjoy life!

    • Ellen Dolgen

      Love that……..let go and enjoy life! Thanks, for sharing your thoughts, Barbara.

  • An old bitty to a 12 year old boy who likes raunchy jokes! 🙂

    • Ellen Dolgen

      Haha! That is very descriptive, Jody.

  • That was great! I love your writing style. I will be thinking about this all day as I work. Thank you!

    • Ellen Dolgen

      It is fun sometimes to realize how silly age is. Numbers don’t matter. It is how you feel about yourself that is so important! I love being 61….I feel healthy and energized!

  • Wow, I hear you. There are times I feel 30 and times I feel 60…it’s just a number, right?

    • Ellen Dolgen

      Yes, Carol – I was never good at numbers anyway. When I want to purchase something I round down — when I want it to be valuable — I round up! As for age, I think we are ageless!

  • Sheryl

    I’m all over the map, just like you. Isn’t it great that we can now take pleasure in moving forward AND backward? Baby powder always takes me do bubble baths. On the other hand, doing certain exercises that make my knees ache brings me smack into reality!

    • Ellen Dolgen

      I hear ya sister! HAHA!!! I love that baby powder smell. We used to use it on our kids….but today it is a No-No. Apparently, the talc is the culprit. Too bad…….loved the smell.

  • Helene Cohen Bludman

    you rock the Winnie the Pooh costume, Ellen! I agree with you. Some days I feel like a much younger me, and others so much older. Like today, with my twinning knee.

    • Ellen Dolgen

      Haha….the kids in Coronado love my Pooh outfit. Makes me so happy to wear it on Halloween. David says we could have saved lots of $ on birth control had I worn the Pooh outfit more.. It is NOT the most flattering, sexy Halloween costume! When I have “those other days” – I remind myself that tomorrow will be a better day!

  • I can just see you dancing around your house footloose and fancy free! There are moments where I fell ageless. Odd I know but it is those calm moments that I don’t associate with anything familiar — those moments when it is all just flowing perfectly that age floats away.

    Pooh Bear is the best, isn’t he? Thank you for the smile!

    • Ellen Dolgen

      I love that description, Ruth. Moments when life flows perfectly and age floats away! Beautiful!!!

  • I finally don’t want to be any younger or older. I would love to stay 57 forever.
    I love Pooh Bear:)

    • Ellen Dolgen

      Yes, 57 was a good year for me, too! I want to live to be 100 years young. It reminds me of this Pooh Bear quote: “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”
      ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

  • Awesome post! I love love love Pooh, and that picture of you is adorable! My emotional age changes daily although I’ve enjoyed every real age too!

    • Ellen Dolgen

      I agree with you…..all day my emotional age is fluctuating. How wonderful that you have enjoyed every real age. I think there were a couple of teen age years that were really tough for me. Once I got through those, I felt more comfortable with myself and confident.

  • I think I’m about 12 or 13 because I love writing middle grade stories and can really relate to kids that age. Great post!

    • Ellen Dolgen

      Janie, I bet kids love your stories. You are a fab writer!

  • Ha! Very true. I think my emotional age is bi-polar lol. Love this post. Was spot on!

    • Ellen Dolgen

      That is very cute….emotional age is bi-polar….especially if you are in a bear costume sometimes!

  • So much easier to know there are others right in my place. I choose Disney costume even when I should be choosing anti-aging cream…

    • Ellen Dolgen

      Haha! Dana that is cute!

  • Cynthia

    go AZ Wildcats!!! After watching the game I’ll play with my grandaughter, who really taught me how to be a kid again. Thanks Ellen for your sharing of the emotional ages we all feel.

    • Ellen Dolgen

      Nothing like grandchildren! I am a new Grandma. Our little bundle of joy is 7 mos old, her cheeks, her smile, her chubby thighs – her whole being makes me explode with love and excitement. I can totally see why your grandaughter makes you feel like a kid again. Grandma is the BEST title ever.

  • Such a great article…great platform for a new book!

    • Ellen Dolgen

      Thanks Kim! The new book is coming soon!